Telanon, Inc. is based near Atlanta GA, and a member of Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center. If you are a consumer, we are Your Trusted Navigator for “Green” Car Insurance℠. For industry partners, we are The Trusted Intermediary for Usage-Based Auto Insurance℠.  Our website is .

“Green” or “usage-based” auto insurance uses driving-related data from customer vehicles to justify significant discounts. We capture and privacy-protect that data, then use it to determine actual miles driven for Verified-Mileage policies like those permitted in California. With industry partners we also help consumers evaluate policies that use their actual driving data to justify discounts for safe driving in addition to low-mileage driving.

Our patented approach appeals strongly to consumers for two reasons. First, we enable them to comparison-shop for usage-based insurance. Second, we share only anonymized portions of their driving data with insurers unless we determine first that it will earn them usage-based discounts.

Progressive’s nationwide rollout of Pay As You Drive® program MyRate®, now renamed Snapshot(SM), has reached 23 states and competitors are being forced to respond.  Over half of 17 insurers with combined 56% U.S. market share will have active pilot launches by year-end 2010, with another third starting pilots in 2011. In 5 – 10 years usage-based is expected to dominate U.S. consumer auto insurance.

Business models used by current industry suppliers will have difficulty adapting to usage-based insurance, creating a tremendous need that we feel Telanon is well-positioned to satisfy. That is why are launching Telanon® Evaluator Plus based on our issued U.S. patent #7,339,483, “Automated Consumer To Business Electronic Marketplace System”, to establish Telanon as the trusted intermediary for usage-based auto insurance.